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The Five-Minute Guide to
Face Recognition for Casinos

Face recognition casino security surveillance

The Washington Post called facial recognition “The Holy Grail of crowd management,” providing event security leaders with unprecedented power to prevent crime.

To help you learn the benefits of this transformative technology, we’ve created The 5-Minute Guide to Stadium Security, packed with easy-to-digest information about how you can use facial recognition technology to:

  • Keep banned fans out of stadiums
  • Prevent terrorism and violence at public events
  • Offer VIP service such as expedited entry
  • Empower security professionals with real-time actionable intelligence


Face Recognition: Your Ticket to Safer Events

Stadium security professionals have an important job – but one that is astonishingly difficult. Stadium security leaders do their best to prevent crime, but often lack hard evidence about who to monitor. It’s far too easy for banned fans to sneak back into stadiums, and stadium security pros are often powerless to keep them out.

Without facial recognition technology, security is random, reactive and risky. Banned fans, stalkers and criminals can pose a serious threat to athletes, performing artists and fans. But by implementing a biometric surveillance system, you can proactively prevent crime and ensure that your events are safe and secure. By downloading our 5-minute guide, you can discover whether this powerful technology can be your ticket to event safety.