By: William Tyree April 19, 2017

Facial recognition technology is completely transforming retail loss prevention. To help you learn the powerful benefits of this groundbreaking technology, we’ve created The 5-Minute Guide to Face Recognition for Retail.

Face recognition for retailOur guide easy-to-digest guide is packed with brand new statistics revealing how some of the world’s most successful retail chains are using face recognition to:

  • Decrease shoplifting by 20%
  • Reduce workplace-related injuries from violent assaults by 91%
  • Discover in-store threats in real time
  • Identify ORC patterns across multiple store locations

A Story Through Statistics

Retail loss prevention (LP) teams have a crucial job, and it’s a difficult one. LP professionals do their best to prevent crime, but often lack hard evidence about who to monitor or observe. They typically have to rely on their intuition and memory when deciding who to monitor. And unless they are apprehended in the act, offenders often go uncaught, and loss prevention teams are usually powerless to stop them from stealing again.

Unfortunately, they probably will try steal again. Recidivism numbers are high. According to our research, 40% of identified shoplifters return within 30 days, and 20% of those return more than four times in 30 days. And retail criminals are getting far more aggressive overall. 83% of retailers are reporting increases in loss prevention and ORC according to an LPM study.

Without the right technology, loss prevention is random, reactive and risky (after all, some retail criminals pose a danger to employees and customers.) Fortunately, there is a better way! With face recognition, your loss prevention team can proactively prevent crime.

Download your free 5-Minute Guide to find out how to join the loss prevention leaders who are making their stores more secure than ever before with face recognition.