By: Jesse Davis West September 13, 2018

If you’re headed to the Global ID Summit in New York, don’t miss out on an opportunity to see how our Sentinel-IQ surveillance and Field-IQ mobile ID systems can help public safety officials instantly recognize potential threats and bad actors.  

FaceFirst offers powerful, fast, accurate and scalable solutions that are already helping officers across dozens of law enforcement agencies gain potentially life-saving intelligence. Our face recognition is proven to work well in crowds and from safe distances, making it ideal for both overt and covert missions.  

We’ll be exhibiting our technology on September 17-19. So if you’re headed to Global ID and interested in learning more about how face recognition can help prevent threats and save lives, be sure to stop by the FaceFirst booth. 

About Global ID 

Global ID Summit 2018This summit, co-organized by INTERPOL, will bring together a wide range of government and law enforcement professionals from across the globe to discuss the challenges at the forefront of national and global security operations, policy and procurements. Key themes running throughout the summit will be on the latest identity advancements in: 

  • Establishing global standards and requirements for integrating identity systems 
  • Securing borders with mobile biometrics and automation 
  • Best practices for building private public partnerships 
  • And more! 

Since biometrics are a hot topic, we’re expecting a lot of traffic at the FaceFirst booth. So if you’re headed to Global-ID and would like to schedule a personalized demo in advance, contact our team today.