By: William Tyree March 24, 2017

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how facial recognition is transforming security? If so, FaceFirst will be giving free demos of our breakthrough biometric surveillance solution in our partner booth at ISC West with Hanwha in the Exposition Hall on April 5-7.

Facial Recognition at ISC WestISC West is one of the biggest security conferences in the world, and if you’re planning on attending this year, don’t miss out on this opportunity to see FaceFirst in action.

Our enterprise biometric surveillance platform is currently being leveraged by law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 retailers, international airports, casinos and banks to:

  • Prevent organized retail crime
  • Stop shoplifters in their tracks
  • Identify and apprehend terrorists and internationally wanted criminals
  • Keep advantaged players out of casinos
  • Secure commercial buildings and stadiums

If you’re working to rescue missing children or end human trafficking, you should also be sure to stop by as we offer free licenses of our product to non-profits focused on ending human trafficking.

How Face Recognition Works: A Quick Look

For those of you who are new to biometric surveillance, here’s a brief look at how it works:

STEP 1 – BUILD A WATCHLIST: Enroll dishonest customers, dangerous individuals and known fraudsters in your database.

STEP 2 – MATCH AND IMAGE OPTIMIZATION: As individuals enter your location, FaceFirst detects and videos at 30 frames per second, automatically selecting the best possible image based on lighting conditions and other factors. FaceFirst then determines the likelihood that the individual matches a suspect in your database. We can match against a database of 1.5 million in only one second!

STEP 3 – ALERTS: Alerts contain customizable actionable directives for your security team that you specify for each individual: for example, “Observe,” “Escort off Premises,” or “Contact Police.” FaceFirst prescribes a list of best practices for alerting based upon match probability thresholds, as well as approaches and data cleansing. Private by design, the FaceFirst system is designed to prevent utilizing the platform for any type of profiling by race, age, gender or national origin.

If this sounds like a solution you’re interested in learning more about, don’t forget to stop by our booth or feel free to contact us to set up a meeting.