By: Jesse Davis West February 13, 2019

Shoptalk remains one of the retail ecosystem’s premier events, bringing together some of the most innovative minds in retail, sharing the latest trends, technologies, business models and changes in consumer expectations.

The Past, Present and Future of Face Recognition

FaceFirst face recognition CEO Peter Trepp

If you’re headed to Shoptalk this year, be sure to catch our CEO Peter Trepp’s presentation on how face recognition is revolutionizing the retail industry. In the presentation, entitled How Retail Face Recognition is Creating Safer Stores, Personalized Experiences and More Secure Transactions, he’ll briefly explain how retailers are currently using face recognition to virtually end ORC. He’ll also focus on the shifting public perception of face recognition and offer insight into the next wave of retail face recognition: in-store personalization. Peter will reveal how the most successful retailers will soon be using face recognition to offer the same level of personalization in stores as online, while also leveraging the technology to enable more secure and seamless transactions.

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With 8,000+ attendees, including more than 750 CEOs, and the world’s best speaker lineup and agenda, Shoptalk helps you get smart about the innovation and trends that continue to transform the sector globally. For three years, Shoptalk has helped define the industry’s digital community by bringing established retailers and brands together with direct-to-consumer and tech startups, large tech and Internet companies, venture capital investors, real estate developers, equity analysts, media and others.

When: March 3-5

Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas