By: Jesse Davis West February 27, 2018

Each year, the World Game Protection Conference examines the current threats to casino security and offers a forum to explore the best solutions available. If you’re headed to WGPC this year, be sure to stop by the FaceFirst booth (Booth 29) on March 14-15 for an exclusive look at our facial recognition system for casinos. 

How Face Recognition is Transforming Casino Security 

Face recognition is one of the most powerful security solutions available to casinos, and it’s only a matter of time before every casino in the U.S. is using facial recognition to instantly identify: 

  • Cheaters 
  • Advantage gamblers 
  • Individuals on voluntary exclusion lists 
  • VIPs/High-rollers 

Face recognition presents a paradigm shift for casino security. Without facial recognition, security is reactive. But with face recognition, casinos can proactively prevent unwanted guests from entering. At the same time, casinos can use face recognition to instantly recognize VIPs and ensure that they receive a fantastic experience that keeps them playing longer and coming back again and again.   

In addition to surveillance, the FaceFirst platform also offers face recognition mobile applications, access control and forensics. 

About World Game Protection Conference 

Education: March 12-15 

Expo: March 14-15 

The 13th annual conference and expo is dedicated to casino asset protection professionals. It covers a broad range of topics and issues that threaten the casino industry. The WGPC provides education, analysis and intelligence on important topics such as game protection, security, surveillance, cyber defense and compliance related issues. 

If you’re headed to WGPC, and would like a personalized FaceFirst demo, contact us now to set one up.