By: Jesse Davis West October 11, 2018

Here at FaceFirst, we’re always looking for new ways help our customers leverage actionable face recognition data to prevent retail crime and respond to potential threats. Starting in November, FaceFirst customers using the latest version of the platform software can choose three amazing ways to deliver match alerts: by SMS, by email and within the FaceFirst app itself via in-app notifications for Android and iOS.  

Simplified Deployments 

In-App Notification

Thanks to in-app notifications, customers no longer need to set up an email server to receive match alerts from FaceFirst. This not only diminishes costs, but also reduces the complexities of deployment.  

Increased Visibility 

One powerful benefit of in-app alerts on mobile phones is that they are potentially far more likely to be seen, as customers tend to monitor phone alerts far more closely than they monitor email. Best of all, our new notifications include everything customers need to know to take action. Customers can gain valuable insight about a match on their phone without even needing to open the FaceFirst app.  

Security via Firebase 

FaceFirst now uses Firebase, Google’s standard, worldwide app notification platform. Firebase is the industry standard for fast alerting, offering effortless scalability while ensuring data security. It’s the perfect solution for our mobile app, which was built with enterprises in mind.  In addition to being fast and secure, Firebase is a highly dependable platform, currently used for all Android alerting and a large portion of iOS alerts as well.  


The FaceFirst algorithm search matches against a database of up to 75 million images in as little as .01 seconds, then alerts personnel in real time.  This is a blinding speed, but email server authentication and other factors can occasionally slow alert delivery. In-App notifications remove key friction points during delivery, greatly increasing the likelihood that customers will receive app notifications in real time.