By: Jesse Davis West June 01, 2017

As violent retail crime continues to climb, is face recognition the answer to safeguarding customers and employees? While biometric surveillance has been shown to reduce in-store crime by as much as 91%, concerns about privacy and legality persist.

Together with D&D Daily, FaceFirst presents aon-demand retail safety webinar that reveals the latest technological advances, research, legal statutes and privacy breakthroughs.  


The latest retail crime statistics don’t paint a pretty picture. In fact, as reported in D&D Daily, retail crime has spiked 20%, while retail deaths have increased 12%. Rises in retail deaths and organized retail crime (ORC) have led loss prevention/retail security leaders to explore new ways to keep stores safe.

The retail industry is adopting facial recognition faster than any other sector. And while face recognition has been shown to reduce in-store crime by as much as 91%, concerns about privacy persist. But it turns out that, according to the leading legal experts, face recognition is actually less intrusive than your credit cards and online search activities!

The webinar was moderated by The D&D Daily’s Publisher/Editor Gus Downing, who has predicted that this technology is on an inevitable path to retail adoption.” And by watching this on-demand webinar, you’ll quickly see why!

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The correlation between shoplifting and violent crime, according to LPRC
  • Why face recognition is less intrusive than your credit card or online search activities, according to a leading retail legal expert
  • How to reduce external shrink 20-35% by proactively deterring recidivism
  • One secret that can diminish in-store violence by more than 90%
  • The latest states to adopt face recognition statutes and what it means for retailers

Our panel includes:

  • Moderator: Gus Downing (Publisher/Editor The D&D Daily)
  • Tom Melzl (President, Face First)
  • Read Hayes Ph.D (Director, Loss Prevention Research Council)
  • Thomas McCally (Attorney/Legal Expert, Carr-Maloney)

If you’re in any way responsible for ensuring a safe shopping experience, make sure to watch this awesome webinar!

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