By: Jesse Davis West November 07, 2018

FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp’s new book The New Rules of Consumer Privacy proposes a roadmap for balancing consumers’ often competing desires for privacy, security and convenience.

LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 5, 2018 – Peter Trepp, CEO of face recognition company FaceFirst, has published The New Rules of Consumer Privacy: Building Loyalty with Connected Consumers in the Age of Face Recognition and AI. To survive in today’s fast-changing landscape, companies need to balance consumers’ often competing desires for privacy, security and convenience. In the book, Trepp establishes a new paradigm for the privacy contract between consumers and organizations that balances these three vital concerns.

The book explores the evolution of privacy throughout the ages, and the current state that companies and consumers find themselves faced with, and predicts how technology will influence the future. The New Rules of Consumer Privacy is written for executives, entrepreneurs, product managers and anyone interested in privacy and the consumer experience. Brands and business leaders that anticipate these changes will have unprecedented opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors and succeed.

In addition to original research and firsthand knowledge from his role as the CEO of an artificial intelligence company, Trepp also includes input from privacy leaders and countless conversations with executives at some of the world’s largest brands. The book takes a historical look at privacy and anticipates how brands will need to pivot to claim or retain their position as industry leaders.

“In talking to people across all industries, I realized there’s a basic lack of information related to consumer attitudes, legislation, risk and how to offer privacy while rolling out increasingly powerful technologies,” said author Peter Trepp. “These questions are especially relevant in light of GDPR. The New Rules of Consumer Privacy provides a roadmap for how businesses can draft an effective new contract with their customers while offering unprecedented security and convenience.”

About Peter Trepp

Peter Trepp is a technology executive, adviser, former investment banker and thought leader. He is currently the CEO of FaceFirst, a recognized leader in the global facial recognition market that provides AI-enabled security and customer experience solutions to commercial and government organizations. He earned his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and BS degree in Economics from UC Irvine. Peter is a widely quoted industry expert whose thought leadership has appeared in the Wall Street Journey, New York Times, Bloomberg, Digital Journal, Education Week, Business Insider and elsewhere.

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