By: Jesse Davis West August 29, 2019

On September 8-12 FaceFirst is headed Chicago for Global Security Exchange (GSX). We’ll be showing how we work with some of our partners like Evolv Technology and Genetec to make public spaces more secure. 

If you’re headed to GSX, here are three ways you can learn more about our facial recognition technology.

Stop by the FaceFirst Booth

GSX 2019Stop by the FaceFirst booth (#2274) to learn more about how we’re helping some of the world’s top retailers, event venues, transportation centers and other great organizations protect public spaces and prevent violence. The latest version of our platform is more accurate in challenging conditions and easier to deploy than ever before. So if you’d like to learn how facial recognition is revolutionizing security, be sure to stop by our booth.

Enter to Win a Free LPF Scholarship

We’ll also be giving away free LPC scholarships to get certified by The Loss Prevention Foundation. So while you’re at our booth, be sure to enter to win.

Stop by the Genetec Booth

If you’re a Genetec customer, stop by the Genetec booth (#2767) to learn more about how FaceFirst seamlessly integrates with Genetec Security Center to offer additional situational awareness, expedited investigations and actionable analytics. 

Stop by the Evolv Technology Booth

Evolv Technology was designed to help stop active shooters by detecting concealed weapons and explosives. And thanks to a recent FaceFirst integration, Evolv also has facial recognition capabilities that can instantly recognize known bad actors. If you’re an Evolv customer or are considering Evolv Technology, stop by their booth (#787) to learn more about how FaceFirst and Evolv are working together to prevent violence. This year, we’ll also be hosting an Evolv unit in our booth to demonstrate how our face recognition integrates with Evolv technology to help prevent threats at venues.

About Global Security Exchange

Global Security Exchange (GSX), 8-12 September, brings together security professionals from all vertical markets throughout the world to network, learn, and re-invest in the industry. It’s home for all security practitioners and their partners.