By: Jesse Davis West January 24, 2019

FaceFirst is excited to be presenting at Innovision this year. The conference, held in Orlando on February 25-27, is one of the premier think tanks for loss prevention, asset protection and retail safety. This educational event allows some of the most innovative providers of retail security technology to share best practices with loss prevention leaders from some of the world’s biggest retailers.

In addition to showing off the latest release of our face recognition platform for retail security, we will be presenting a case study entitled The Face Recognition Retail Revolution. In the case study, one of our customers from a major retail chain will reveal how FaceFirst face recognition helped them radically reduce external shrink and in-store violence across 100 store locations. The presentation will will feature real-world examples of how face recognition helps prevent crime, improves cooperation with law enforcement, reduces the risk of violence and results in a greater number of apprehended criminals.

Loss prevention professionals have a very tough job. As organized retail crime numbers continue to rise, successful loss prevention professionals are increasingly using face recognition. Facial recognition, when used in conjunction with traditional surveillance, presents a powerful advantage in that LP pros can identify documented criminals before crimes occur.

In addition to revealing how to use facial recognition to prevent shoplifting, fraud and violence. The presentation will also reveal how facial recognition acts as a force multiplier with other retail security technologies like electronic article surveillance (EAS) and exception-based reporting (EBR).

About Innovision

Innovision’s focus is giving back to the Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Safety Industry in many ways! Innovision began as a way of bringing the industry together and focuses on giving back to the field.  Innovision is not only educational, but it is also a great ‘Think Tank’ cultivating an environment of sharing and of innovation that leads to tailored solutions for real business problems experienced by its leaders. This platform is unique, it fosters collaboration amongst peers, and it also breaks the typical retailer-vendor barrier, making the industry and its practitioners stronger.


Where: Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek



When: February 25-27th, 2019