By: Jesse Davis West March 21, 2018

When it comes to technology, virtually all sports stadiums and arenas will soon have something important in common – they’ll be using face recognition. The inevitable use of face recognition for both security and a better fan experience hasn’t been lost on the news media. Here’s a quick roundup of news stories involving FaceFirst.


Sports Business Journal

FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp was recently interviewed for a piece in Sports Business Journal (SBJ) that focuses on how face recognition is transforming the VIP experience at sporting events. The article quotes Trepp, “You think about all the time you’re standing outside a venue waiting to get in, or waiting in line for food. Why couldn’t you just walk in and be recognized as you enter and have that VIP-type of experience unfold for you? That type of situation is coming very quickly.”

The article also addresses potential privacy concerns, but concludes that many facial recognition programs have been and will remain opt-in features tied into other voluntary elements.  According to Trepp, “Having that level of choice is really important. That makes a huge difference in the level of acceptance by fans around this.”


TSN released an article on how the NHL is aggressively looking at face recognition systems. According to TSN’s Rick Westhead, “A senior executive with one NHL club told TSN that he expects facial-recognition technology will be adopted by his team and others in the league within the next two years.”

For the article, TSN interviewed Mike Verden, a former U.S. Secret Service special agent who is now a security consultant in Chicago, who didn’t mince words, “Canada is known for hockey. Because it’s a symbol of Canada, hockey is a target for terrorists,” stated Verden.

Westhead also interviewed FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp, who revealed, “We’re very much in play with a number of stadiums, stadium management companies and teams,” Trepp said in an interview. “They’re looking to keep out the really bad guys and the technology has improved dramatically in the past few years. We can identify someone literally as they walk through the door. Identification happens within a few seconds. Then you can intercept them right then.”

The New York Times

FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp was recently interviewed by Kevin Draper for his New York Times article on face recognition. The article gathered several perspectives about face recognition. In addition to Trepp, the article quotes Mike Bass, a spokesman for the N.B.A. who related, “The league and our teams are exploring the use of all state-of-the-art technology, including facial recognition, to ensure that we have industry-best security measures to protect all those in our arenas.”

Face Recognition Explainer Video

This video gives a great overview of how FaceFirst’s system can help sports organizations protect and pamper fans:

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