By: Jesse Davis West January 10, 2019

New survey data has been released showing that Americans overwhelmingly support the use of facial recognition technology for security use cases. The survey, conducted by the Center for Data Innovation, polled 3,151 U.S. adults in December, asking them a variety of questions about how they view facial recognition.  

Overwhelming Support for Retail and Public Safety Face Recognition Use Cases 

The survey revealed that Americans are largely comfortable exchanging some privacy for the vast societal benefits that face recognition provides.  

The survey revealed: 

  • Only one in four Americans now believe that the federal government should strictly limit the use of facial recognition technology.  
  • Only 23.8 percent Americans think facial recognition should be limited by the government if it means stores can’t use it to reduce shoplifting 
  • Only 18.3 percent of Americans think facial recognition should be limited if it comes at the expense of public safety. 

According to Daniel Castro, director of the Center for Data Innovation, “People are often suspicious of new technologies, but in this case, they seem to have warmed up to facial recognition technology quite quickly.” 

Validating Prior FaceFirst Survey Results 

This survey’s results validate the results of a 2018 FaceFirst/Survey Monkey survey which stated that the majority of U.S. citizens believe that face recognition should be used by retail stores to safeguard against crime. The FaceFirst survey also reported that that nearly two thirds (64%) of Americans think security personnel guarding airports, concerts, sporting events and other public areas should be allowed to use face recognition to help recognize terrorists and prevent crime.  

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