By: Jesse Davis West September 03, 2019

Each year the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) hosts the IMPACT Conference, dedicated to sharing the latest research and best practices around preventing shoplifting and organized retail crime. If you’re headed to the University of Florida for IMPACT (September 30- October 2), be sure to check us out in the Learning Lab and Solutions Center to see the most accurate and scalable version of our computer vision platform to date.

Transforming Loss Prevention with Computer Vision

At IMPACT, we’ll be showing off our computer vision platform, which helps create safer communities, frictionless customer experiences and more secure transactions from video analytics. The new platform version 6.6 is the company’s most scalable platform architecture to date, offering improved accuracy, multi-location deployment automation, automated video analytics, health and camera monitoring, and increased ability to work with any camera including existing infrastructure.

So if you’re headed to IMPACT you can schedule a one-on-one appointment with our team to learn more about our solutions and how we’re helping transform retail loss prevention. 


IMPACT is a two-day event designed to help participants better understand how they can use research approaches to help reduce crime and loss, and increase sales. This year’s theme is trust. Ensuring customer trust is key, and can be broken down into four main necessities:

  • The retailer will have what the customer wants in stock when and where they want it
  • The customer will always be able to very quickly purchase what they came for
  • Their financial and personal data will not be compromised
  • The customer will be physically safe and secure during their visit

We hope to see you at IMPACT, and show you why some of the world’s largest retail chains trust us as their top crime-fighting solution.