By: Jesse Davis West July 25, 2018

FaceFirst is proud to announce the release of Sentinel-IQ, our next-generation face recognition surveillance platform. Sentinel-IQ offers a variety of game-changing features, so if you think you know FaceFirst’s capabilities, think again! 

While our next-gen platform offers the same easy-to-use interface as previously, that’s where the similarities end. Our team built a new face recognition algorithm from the ground up that offers exponential increases in speed and efficiency. And best of all, Sentinel-IQ is more cost-effective to deploy than any of our previous surveillance offerings. It is now easier than ever to spin up a shared intelligence network across multiple retail locations.   

Increases in Speed and Efficiency 

Increasing speed and efficiency have been top priorities for our team. Sentinel-IQ now offers real-time alerting against databases that are 25 times larger than before. We’ve also radically improved efficiency by reducing network traffic by 50%. 

A More Flexible Solution 

Our customers have repeatedly asked for more flexible deployment options and our engineering team worked long hours to deliver. Our software can now be deployed with low-cost Linux servers on-premises.

“The system was designed with the world’s largest retailers in mind,”according to our CEO Peter Trepp. “The speed and accuracy that Sentinel-IQ brings is a game changer.”

A Shared Threat Intelligence Network  

As a result of these improvements, Sentinel-IQ offers a 79% reduction in hardware costs, making it easier than ever for major retailers to scale across hundreds of store locations. And since FaceFirst can now match against massive databases instantly, retailers can better establish a shared threat intelligence network across disparate store locations. This is an important capability since, according to FaceFirst analytics, it’s not uncommon for shoplifters to strike two retail locations of the same chain within an hour of each other.  

Sentinel-IQ is powerful enough to provide real-time information to brands that have hundreds of store locations worldwide.  

 A Growing Need for Facial Recognition for Retail 

Inventory shrink in the U.S. is a $48.9 billion problem, according to the National Retail Federation. Organized retail criminal (ORC) gangs are getting more aggressive than ever and the D&D Daily has reported that violent retail deaths continue to rise year over year. Loss prevention professionals work hard to keep stores safe. But it’s clear that, despite their best efforts, there is a growing need for innovative solutions to combat retail crime.  

Face recognition is already a proven solution for reducing shrink. In fact, our previous offering has already prevented hundreds of millions of dollars in inventory loss by alerting loss prevention professionals in real time, the moment that dishonest customers enter a store. And we expect Sentinel-IQ to offer exponential increases in external shrink reduction in the years to come. 

While you may have seen face recognition in the past, Sentinel-IQ is a total game changer, offering retailers the most effective solution yet for solving retail shrink.  

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