By: Jesse Davis West March 29, 2018

2018 is shaping up to be the most amazing year for loss prevention, asset protection and retail security conferences ever. We’re looking forward to meeting more retail loss prevention leaders and providing demos of our face recognition solution for retail.

As a leading provider of face recognition for loss prevention and asset protection, we are always thankful for the opportunity to attend conferences and network with industry leaders. After all, it’s always vital to continuously expand your horizons and examine the latest strategies and technologies that are shaping the industry.

Retail criminals are getting far more aggressive. According to the latest research from NRF, 97% of survey respondents reported an increase in aggression from shoplifters and organized retail criminals. As criminals get savvier and more brazen, loss prevention leaders have to stay one step ahead of criminals.

Attending conferences can be one of the best ways to stay at the vanguard of loss prevention. The best loss prevention and retail security conferences offer education, a chance to network with industry leaders and expos of some of the latest exciting tech that’s shaping the loss prevention and asset protection industry, including facial recognition technology and advanced biometric surveillance systems.

Here’s our updated 2018 list of the top retail security, loss prevention and asset protection conferences in the industry.


MRC Vegas 2018

When: 3/19-3/22 2018

Where: Las Vegas, NV


Why You Should Go: This dynamic conference, put on by the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a must-attend for fraud, risk and payment professionals.

Providence CALEA Conference

When: 3/21-3/24 2018

Where: Frisco, Tx


The CALEA Conference Exhibition Hall offers industry suppliers a marketplace where decision makers can view, examine, and compare products available for their use in Public Safety.

ISC West

When: 4/10-4/13 2018

Where: Las Vegas, NV


Why You Should Go: As one of the largest security industry trade show in the U.S., ISC West you will have the chance to network with over 29,000 security professionals through:

  • New Products & Technologies from 1,000 Exhibitors & Brands
  • NEW! Unmanned Security Expo – an all-new event launching within ISC West focusing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Robotics & Vehicles (UGVs), and the various software and applications that support them.
  • Demos of products like facial recognition for security

Axis Retail Leadership Forum

When: 4/12 – 4/13 2018

Where: Paris, France

Why You Should Go: This symposium will cover a range of topics that matter to retail executives including advances in IP technologies, trends in security, and the future of retail surveillance.

Warrior Expo

When: 4/18-4/19 2018 (West) and 7/11-7/12 2018 (East)

Where: San Diego, CA (West) and Virginia Beach, Va (East)


Why You Should Go: ADS is a top equipment, procurement, and support solutions specialist to the military, law enforcement, first responders, and the defense industry. Their conference, The Warrior Expo, is a laboratory of innovation where attendees can take a deeper dive into the numerous products and services reshaping law enforcement, defense and security.

RILA Retail Asset Protection Conference

When: 4/29-5/2 2018

Where: Orlando, FL


Why You Should Go: RILA’s asset protection conference features a strong roster of speakers from the retail industry, government and academia who will lead more than 40 educational sessions over four days. There will also be an expo featuring a variety of technologies that can help out with asset protection. We’ll be there giving demos of FaceFirst’s powerful face recognition software for retail.

Retail Innovation Conference

When: 5/1-5/2 2018

Where: New York City, NY


Why you should go: This conference will focus on strategies and technologies disrupting various aspects of retail including security. It’s a great opportunity to hear from retail leaders leaders, swap success stories, and get inspired to implement disruptive change.

Retail Council of Canada Loss Prevention Conference

When: 5/29 – 5/30 2018

Where: Toronto, Canada


Why You Should Go: Canada’s leading retail loss prevention conference is designed by retailers, for retailers. Top LP trends including identity theft, ORC, cyber and digital crime will be front and center, as the industry’s thought leaders share best practices and improvement strategies for retail operating standards, ensuring that businesses maximize their profitability.

NRF Protect

When: 6/11 – 6/13 2018

Where: Dallas, Tx


Why You Should Go: Simply put, this is one of the biggest and most important conference in retail and restaurant loss prevention. This event will feature over 200 exhibitors, and 90+ speakers, 4 keynotes and 23 breakout sessions.

ESX Electronic Security Expo

When: 6/19-6/22 2018

Where: Nashville, TX


Why You Should Go: ESX is one of the most important events for electronic security and life safety dealers, integrators and monitoring companies. Connecting with like-minded peers, learning from business and industry thought leaders, and discovering emerging trends and technologies is critical for these industry professionals who want to take their companies to the next level.

NCS4 National Sports Safety and Security Conference and Exhibition

When: 7/9 – 7/12 2018

Where: Louisville, KY

Why You Should Go: The gathering of top professionals in the field will provide a wholesome environment dedicated to security/safety technologies, products, services and education for safeguarding the assets and spectators we are charged to protect.

AACOP Summer Beach Conference

When: 7/30-8/2 2018

Where: Orange Beach, AL


Why You Should Go: This conference hosted by the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police will have an expo featuring some of the latest law enforcement, security and public safety technology. Not to mention that it’s hosted on the beach!

Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA) Conference

When: 8/5 – 8/8 2018

Where: Dallas, TX

Why You Should Go: Attending this conference is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with leaders and key decision makers in the loss prevention, asset protection and security for the restaurant industry. Conference includes an expo and presentations by industry experts.

New England Loss Prevention Expo

When: 9/13 2018

Where: Worcester, MA


Why You Should Go: The Retailers Association of Massachusetts brings Loss Prevention, Security, Risk Managers and Solutions Partners together with law enforcement, prosecutors and policy makers to learn more about how to keep our stores, employees, and customers safe and secure. This expo will aim to collaboratively and comprehensively discuss subjects such as Organized Retail Crime, external and internal theft, private/public sector partnerships, asset protection technology, financial crimes and emergency preparedness.

ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits

When: 9/23-9/27 2018

Where: Las Vegas, NV


Why You Should Go: For more than six decades, ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2018) has been the premier event for security professionals worldwide, providing industry-leading education, countless business connections, and the latest innovations from 550+ exhibitors.

CLEAR 2017 National Conference

When: 9/26 – 9/29 2018

Where: San Antonio, TX


Why You Should Go: The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) was formed to encourage mutual cooperation between all law enforcement agencies and retail corporations throughout the United States toward the goal of detection, prevention, and investigation of property crimes and the apprehension of the perpetrators. There conferences help loss prevention leaders and law enforcement professionals work on strategies to help protect assets and keep stores safe.

LPRC Impact

When: 10/1-10/3 2018

Where: Gainesville, FL


Why You Should Go: The LPRC’s Impact Conference was designed to help retailers and their solution partners better employ research tools to assess the impact that their loss prevention efforts have on ROI, loss levels and crime.

TCORCA Conference

When: TBD

Where: Brooklyn Center, MN

Why You Should Go: The annual TCORCA conference provides a two-day conference with a variety of topics, keynote speakers, and break-out sessions. Coalition members from across the region and country come together to train and network in the areas of Organized Retail Crime and related subjects. This training will consist of best practices designed to be brought back to the field in order to more effectively and efficiently combat organized crime.

Georgia Retail Association GRAORCA Retail Crime Conference

When: TBD

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Why You Should Go: The GRAORCA conference includes a Vendor Trade Show with industry vendors and community outreach organizations. The Vendor Trade Show is designed to provide exposure to technologies and community programs that can help retail and law enforcement organizations positively impact crime.


When: TBD

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Why You Should Go: This conference focuses on retail security and loss prevention. It’s an excellent chance to learn some of the latest ways to prevent ORC and shoplifting and see the latest technology that is being used to combat retail crime.

IAI Elite Training Day

When: TBD

Where: Oak Brook, IL

Why You Should Go: Interrogation and interview skills are paramount to loss prevention. This is the main event of the year in the interview and interrogation community. Leading experts from across the globe attend Elite Training Day for exclusive training and networking opportunities.

Developed by IAI, this event enables you to learn from interviewers and interrogators across multiple industries, and the agenda typically features expert speakers from various specialties.

Over 200 professional interviewers attended the past few Elite Training Day Events. Attendees ranged from CEO’s, Directors, and Managers to Store Associates and Law Enforcement. CFIs and IAI members receive discounted pricing to attend the Elite Training Day Event.

FMI – Audit, Safety, Asset Protection (ASAP) Conference (Discontinued)

When: N/A

Where: Orlando, FL

Why you should go: The ASAP Conference (which stands for Audit, Safety and Asset Protection) was specifically for loss prevention leaders in the food retail industry.


It covered:

  • Asset Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Operations
  • Cyber Security
  • Safety
  • Loss Control
  • Audits
  • Compliance

However, in 2018 this conference will be discontinued and rolled into the NRF Protect conference.