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Face Recognition for Correctional Facilities

Creating Safer Correctional Facilities through Face Recognition Software

Biometric surveillance for loss prevention

Automate Prisoner Location Verification

Unlike traditional surveillance cameras, face detection technology automatically catalogues the presence of inmates in designated locations.


FaceFirst alerts your team when inmates enter unauthorized areas.

Security Superpowers

With FaceFirst mobile alerts, guards always know where to go, who to look for and what to do.

Detect Unwanted Visitors

FaceFirst ensures that you’re the first to know when known criminals or other persons of interest visit inmates.

Facial recognition software for police
Verify Identity in Seconds, Not Hours

FaceFirst instantly confirms whether a person of interest is really who they say they are.

Privacy by Design

FaceFirst is built from the ground up to ensure that privacy is a top priority.

facial recognition video surveillance

Accelerate Forensic Video Investigations

Never again spend countless hours looking through surveillance footage. Visual and keyword searches deliver priceless forensic video evidence through identity and historical location matches.

A Face in a Crowd

FaceFirst easily identifies and logs individual faces within crowded spaces at prisons and other facilities.

Easy Integration

FaceFirst works with affordable high-quality surveillance cameras and integrates to facility systems via API.

Parole Officers

Verify the identity of new parolees in seconds, and document changes in appearance, such as tattoos or piercings.

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy

Biometric Surveillance for Prisons, Penitentiaries and other Correctional Facilities

FaceFirst’s patented facial recognition platform is the only solution that proactively deters crime and delivers actionable instantaneous intelligence for guards at prisons, jails and other correctional institutions. The FaceFirst security platform is highly accurate and scalable, offering a full range of biometric surveillance, mobile and desktop forensic facial recognition capabilities to track inmate movement, identify and deter unwanted visitors and solve complex cases. FaceFirst works with affordable high-quality cameras, and our API easily integrates face detection analytics with existing prison technology systems.