Face Recognition for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

  • I.D. Unauthorized Visitors
  • Alert School Personnel
  • Secure Campus Events
Face recognition security access control mobile alert education

Protect Schools with Face Recognition

Using face recognition surveillance and mobile apps, school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty. Mobilize security with real-time alerts and actionable intelligence.

Help Prevent Mass Shootings

FaceFirst instantly alerts school security when unauthorized individuals enter school grounds.

Keep Out Unauthorized Parents

FaceFirst sends real-time alerts to school personnel the moment an unauthorized parent enters a school.

Remove Expelled Students

Instantly enroll expelled students in your watchlist and be alerted if they attempt to return.

Intelligent Campus Security

FaceFirst offers Sentinel-IQ, the world’s most intelligent biometric security platform for college and university campuses. Ensure that only students and authorized personnel enter school facilities, sensitive locations and school events.

Face recognition security access control
Smarter Event Security

Protect school events, stadiums and arenas by instantly identifying banned fans, stalkers, dangerous criminals and other public safety risks.

Campus Geofencing

Protect campus facilities like gyms, dorms, athletic training facilities and more using our intelligent access control platform.

Protect Sensitive Locations

Intelligently control access to campus laboratories, hospitals and other sensitive locations using face recognition.

Face recognition security surveillance education

A Complete Face Recognition Platform for Schools

FaceFirst offers a complete surveillance, mobile security and access control platform for elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Face Recognition Surveillance

FaceFirst’s Sentinel-IQ is the fastest, most accurate and most scalable face recognition surveillance solution available.

Mobile Apps

FaceFirst offers iOS and Android apps that can identify unwanted school visitors from anywhere at any time.

Access Control

FaceFirst uses face recognition to secure access to school events and facilities. FaceFirst also integrates with existing security systems.

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy


Face Recognition Software for Schools, School Districts and College Campuses

FaceFirst is the market leader in robust facial recognition software for schools, school districts, colleges, universities and other great organizations. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the FaceFirst security platform is highly accurate and scalable, offering a full range of face recognition surveillance, mobile and desktop capabilities. FaceFirst can help prevent mass shootings and protect school facilities by identifying unauthorized parents, expelled students and other unwanted guests in real time. The FaceFirst API easily integrates with existing data and technology systems.