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Face Recognition for Casinos

Creating Safer and More Profitable Casinos Through Face Recognition

Biometric surveillance for loss prevention

Detect and Deter Unwanted Guests

When known card counters, criminals or those on your voluntary exclusion programs enter the casino, FaceFirst’s Senitnel-IQ face recognition surveillance ensures that you’re the first to know.

Security Superpowers

With FaceFirst mobile, casino security personnel always know where to go, who to look for and what to do.

Prevent Workplace Violence

FaceFirst notifies your security team when former employees or dangerous criminals enter the workplace.

Monitor Self-Exclusion

Instantly identify individuals who are part of voluntary exclusion programs and ensure they aren’t able to gamble. 

Recognize VIPs

When high rollers enter your casino, FaceFirst instantly alerts key personnel to make sure your valuable guests get the VIP treatment.

Use face recognition to ID VIPs at casinos
A Face in a Crowd

Sentinel-IQ easily identifies and logs individual faces within crowded spaces.

Protect Privacy

Increase security and service while preserving biometric data from theft, loss or reproduction.

Rapid ROI

The industry’s most powerful face detection platform for casinos pays for itself within months.

facial recognition video surveillance

Predict and Prevent Future Crime

Predictive analytics use historical matches from your watch list to identity peak hours when card counters or other unwanted guests are likely to show up, making it easy for you to staff up and down according to demand.

Forensic Video

Our visual and keyword face matching searches deliver priceless forensic video evidence.

Accelerate Investigations

Easily search for identity and location matches to go back in time, uncovering crime patterns across thousands of locations.  

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy

Patented Facial Recognition Software for Casinos and Gaming Facilities

FaceFirst’s global patented face recognition platform for casinos and gambling establishments is the fastest, most scalable and most accurate solution available. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, the FaceFirst biometric surveillance platform offers a full range of surveillance, mobile, access control and personalized services capabilities to deter unwanted guests, recognize VIPs and solve complex cases. FaceFirst works with affordable high-quality cameras, and our robust API/SDK easily integrates face recognition analytics with existing casino technology systems.