Face Recognition for Grocery Stores and Food Retail

Stop Food Retail Crime Before it Starts

Face recognition for Loss Prevention

Be A Loss Prevention Leader

Say goodbye to reactive loss prevention strategies. Join the transformation led by food retailers using face recognition to proactively detect and deter serial shoplifters before they strike.

Stop Shoplifting and ORC

Detect and deter shoplifting and organized retail crime across multiple grocery store locations.

Rapid ROI

The industry’s most powerful face recognition for grocery stores pays for itself in months.

Never Forget a Face

Instantly identify multiple faces within crowded spaces, ensuring that no criminal associates slip through the cracks.

Provide a Safer Shopping Experience

The moment a dishonest customer enters your store, FaceFirst mobilizes your security team with actionable intelligence so they can keep your customers and associates safe from harm. 

Facial recognition software for police
Safer, Smarter Grocery Stores

Provide a safer shopping experience and more efficient security for your customers

Prevent Workplace Violence

FaceFirst has been proven to reduce in-store violence by up to 90%.

A Proactive Security Platform

Empower your security team with mobile alerts and actionable directives.

A True Enterprise Retail Security Platform

FaceFirst is the world’s only facial recognition platform robust enough to work across thousands of locations


Gain insight to related criminal activity across all your retail locations.

Accurate Matches

FaceFirst easily sees past eyeglasses, wigs, hats and partial face coverings.


A ready-to-use, managed database of known offenders and fugitives.

Protect Privacy and Improve Security

Increase security and service while preserving biometric data from theft, loss or reproduction. 

Prevent Profiling

FaceFirst is designed to prevent profiling by race/age/gender or national origin.

Industry Best Practices

Only FaceFirst offers best practices learned from years of production experience.

Private and Secure

Biometric data is protected in case of a virtual or physical data breach.

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy

Trusted Face Recognition for Grocery Store Loss Prevention

FaceFirst is the global market leader in highly effective facial recognition software for food retail and grocery stores. The FaceFirst security platform is highly accurate and scalable, offering a full range of biometric surveillance, mobile and desktop forensic face detection capabilities to fight theft, organized retail crime and workplace violence. FaceFirst works with highquality affordable cameras, and our API easily integrates face recognition analytics with existing store technology systems.