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Face Recognition for Law Enforcement

mobile face recognition for law enforcement

Verify Identity in Seconds, Not Hours

Say goodbye to manual identity verification. With a single photo, FaceFirst instantly confirms whether a person of interest is really who they say they are.

Spot ‘Wanted’ Criminals

With FaceFirst, fugitives never slip through the cracks.

Prevent False Arrests

Keep suspects honest with instant, accurate face recognition.

Eliminate Language Barriers

A single photo is worth a thousand words.

Smarter, Safer Patrols

Squads using FaceFirst spend more time policing, and less time digging for information. The result? Safer officers and safer communities.

Face recognition software for police
Mobile Face Recognition

Instant, actionable data for officers in the field.

Face Recognition Doesn’t Profile

FaceFirst establishes identity without profiling by race, gender, age or country of origin.

Minimize Lawsuits and Negative Press

False information given to officers can end up costing your department millions.

facial recognition video surveillance

Accelerate Forensic Video Investigations

Visual and keyword searches deliver priceless forensic video evidence. Search for identity and historical location matches from the field or at the station.

Actionable Intelligence On Demand

Always get the right data to the right officer at the right time.

Visual Search

Never again spend hours looking through traditional surveillance footage.

Privacy by Design

Built from the ground up to ensure that personal privacy is a top priority. 

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy

Trusted Face Recognition Software for Law Enforcement Agencies

FaceFirst is the market leader in robust facial recognition software for law enforcement, including police, highway patrol, sheriff departments and other public safety agencies. The FaceFirst security platform is highly accurate and scalable, offering a full range of biometric surveillance, mobile, access control and desktop forensic face recognition capabilities for a wide range of needs. Using artificial intelligence and deep learning, FaceFirst is a force multiplier for patrols, station security and investigative work. FaceFirst offers a full SDK/API for integration into a variety of systems and platforms.