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Find Missing Children with Face Recognition

According to the U.S. Department of Justice

Each year there are:

Missing Children
Stranger Abductions
Family Abductions

Use Face Recognition to Find Missing Children and other victims of human trafficking

FaceFirst offers transformative technology, training and data to help qualified organizations solve some of the world’s biggest problems.


Offering donated systems to eligible organizations.


Enabling organizations to wield face recognition effectively and responsibly.


Leveraging your data and other public sources within a dynamic, privacy-first watchlist.

Apply for a Free FaceFirst License

Do you represent a nonprofit organization solely devoted to finding missing children and/or the victims of human trafficking?

If so, you may be eligible for a free FaceFirst license.

Are you an existing FaceFirst customer?

If so, contact us to learn how to join the effort.


How it Works

FaceFirst empowers highly qualified nonprofit groups with the same transformative technology used by governments and law enforcement agencies.

The FaceFirst mobile app can be used to capture photographs of potential victims from a safe distance. Potential matches are checked against a watchlist of missing persons specific to your organization, and alerts are distributed to essential personnel in the field and headquarters.

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