Face Recognition for Stadiums, Arenas and Public Facilities

Creating Safer Events through Face Recognition Software

The 5-Minute Guide to Face Recognition for Event Security

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Our 5-Minute Guide reveals how face recognition can help you keep your events safe from terrorists, criminals and banned fans.

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Facial recognition software for police

Prevent Terrorism and Crime

FaceFirst is the only facial recognition solution that proactively deters terrorism and crime at scale for public gatherings such as concerts, plays and sporting events.

Biometric Surveillance

Facial recognition technology eclipses traditional video surveillance in effectiveness and efficiency.

A Face in a Crowd

FaceFirst easily identifies and logs individual faces within crowded spaces.

Mobile Alerts

With FaceFirst mobile alerts, stadium security personnel always know where to go, who to look for and what to do.

Stadium Security Superpowers

FaceFirst detects potential threats with accuracy previously unimaginable, instantly delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel at the exact moment they need it.

Biometric surveillance for loss prevention
Proactively Prevent Violence

Know when stalkers, wanted criminals or disgruntled former employees enter any event.

Watchlist as a Service

Create your own dynamic, curated watch list, or let FaceFirst start one for you.

facial recognition video surveillance

Accelerate Forensic Video Investigations

Never again spend countless hours looking through surveillance footage. Visual and keyword searches deliver priceless forensic video evidence through identity and historical location matches.

Easy Integration

FaceFirst works with affordable high-quality surveillance cameras and integrates to store systems via API.

Verify Identity in Seconds

FaceFirst instantly confirms whether a person of interest is really who they say they are.

FaceFirst Facial Recognition is:


real time alerting and intelligence on demand


enterprise capability across unlimited locations


the industry’s most accurate matching


designed to protect personal privacy

Trusted Face Recognition for Stadiums, Arenas and Public Facilities

FaceFirst helps create safer sporting events, concerts and other public gatherings with highly accurate enterprise face detection technology. The FaceFirst patented facial recognition platform is the only biometric surveillance solution that proactively deters terrorism and crime by leveraging real-time alerting across an unlimited number of locations, providing stadium security personnel with actionable information when they need it. FaceFirst works with highly affordable cameras and integrates easily via API with existing systems.


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