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Our Commitment to Personal Privacy

While Building a Safer, Smarter and More Convenient World

The World’s Most Private and Secure Face Recognition Platform

Privacy By Design

FaceFirst is built from the ground up to protect privacy. Here are some of the ways FaceFirst was designed with privacy in mind.

Face Redaction

FaceFirst Mask-ID blurs the faces of anonymous visitors to protect their privacy.

Data Audits

Regular internal security audits with daily vulnerability scans and regular web application security testing.

Personal Data Collection

Access to FaceFirst system is role-based, requiring qualified credentials and secure networking.

Data Security 

Data security is paramount to privacy. All data is governed in a way that prevents intruders from accessing sensitive data.


All data is encrypted at every stage of storage and transmission until it’s purged.

Secure Sensitive Areas

Geofence sensitive facilities using biometric surveillance as a means of identity authentication.

Automate Image Selection

AI-powered image scoring selects the best facial image enrollments from video surveillance based on angle, lighting condition, facial expression and other factors.

Preventing Bias

FaceFirst employs industry-leading techniques to maximize match accuracy while actively preventing bias based on race, age, gender or national origin.

Algorithm Training

The FaceFirst algorithm is trained using a database of millions of ground truth images.

Demographic Diversity

FaceFirst’s algorithm is trained on highly diverse data sets representing a balanced set of genders, ages and skin tones.

Proven Success

FaceFirst has been deployed internationally in ethnically diverse environments since 2012.


FaceFirst engages in ongoing customer training and certification to ensure optimal accuracy and responsible data handling.

Operational Training

Customers receive operational training to ensure that the system is being used to protect data security and privacy.

Privacy Certification

FaceFirst and the Loss Prevention Foundation offer the industry’s first biometric privacy certification.


We encourage the use of signage that lets individuals know when surveillance cameras and biometrics are in use.

Public Acceptance of Face Recognition is on the Rise

More than one billion smartphones using facial recognition are deployed worldwide.

Source: Biometric Update

A significant majority of Americans are in favor of using facial recognition to guarantee safety at retail outlets, airports, events and more.

Source: Digital Journal

Four in five Americans do not want strict government limitations on face recognition technology for public safety.

Source: Center for Innovation

Our Privacy Commitment

FaceFirst products are designed with privacy and security in mind, ensuring that personally identifiable information (PII) and biometric information is collected and stored, securely and with encryption. All the personal information stored in the FaceFirst system is protected, secured and isolated in multiple ways. We fully support and abide by the data privacy principles established by applicable local privacy laws and regulations. As part of our commitment to data protection, we conduct external security audits and independent security testing on a regular basis.