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Why We Need Facial Recognition

The men and women who devote their lives to safeguarding airports, stadiums, retail stores and other public spaces have an incredibly daunting task. Many acts of terrorism and workplace violence are carried out by known threats and would be preventable if not for the human brain’s extremely limited capacity to recognize faces. Through facial recognition technology, FaceFirst provides an opportunity to help people proactively detect and deter crime.

Private by Design

In its report regarding the commercial use of facial recognition technology, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted that facial recognition technology is actually less intrusive than traditional video surveillance, in that facial recognition technology only captures biometric information.

We agree, but we’re also not content to stop there. FaceFirst is in a state of constant innovation to be both more effective and more secure and the platform was built from the ground up to make privacy a top priority.

Additional Steps We Take to Ensure Privacy:


The FaceFirst system is designed to prevent utilizing the platform for any type of profiling by race, age, gender or national origin.


Image data is encrypted both at rest and during transmission.

Data Breach Precautions

Biometric templates stored within the FaceFirst system cannot be converted back into a face image in the case of a data breach.

Data Purging

Surveillance data can be automatically purged at regular intervals to help protect privacy.

Checks and Balances

Role hierarchies ensure that only authorized individuals have the ability to approve and view enrollment images within the FaceFirst system.


Although not required by law, we encourage customers to post signage alerting customers when that biometric surveillance is being used for public safety purposes.

The New Rules of Consumer Privacy

by FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp

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