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Secure Access to Locations, Devices and Data 

A complete facial recognition access control solution

Face recognition access control facility security

Facility Security

Face recognition access control icon


Face recognition access control events

Event Access

Face recognition access control mobile wifi

Mobile I.D.

Face recognition access control surveillance


Protect Access to Sensitive Areas

Face recognition access control alert

Establish a virtual, biometric-enforced perimeter around military facilities, government buildings, corporate R&D areas and other locations.

Seamless Convenience

Face recognition is as fast as it is accurate, instantly validating identity in order to protect access to sensitive areas.

Identity Protection

Guarantee that only authorized individuals gain access to secure locations, while requiring far less personal information than other forms of identification.

Enhanced Security

Provide an additional layer of security beyond keys, fobs and cards.

Crowd Management Software for Exclusive Events

Face recognition stadium access control VIP

Quickly and securely verify attendees at any event or location without expanded queues.

Prioritize Guests and VIPs

Instantly identify special visitors and give VIPs the attention they expect and deserve.

Optimize Crowd Control

Face recognition streamlines entry to conferences and events, reducing queue times and making it easier to provide customer service.

ID a Face in a Crowd

FaceFirst’s visual identification system is crowd-proof, making it easy to identify and admit many people efficiently and at the same time.

Face Recognition Integration

Face recognition access control vehicle alert

With the FaceFirst platform, imagination is your only constraint.

Innovate with FaceFirst

The FaceFirst SDK and robust APIs allow you to easily integrate face recognition with a variety of third-party access control systems, creating complete identification and authenticating solutions.

Replace Passwords

Replace traditional passwords with secure and convenient biometrics templates, or use face recognition as a secondary form of authentication.

Integrate with Hardware

Integrate the FaceFirst platform with third-party systems, devices, public safety programs and much more.

A Complete Cross-Industry Access Control Solution

Face recognition access control retail


Face recognition access control transportation


Face recognition access control law enforcement

Law Enforcement

Face recognition access control events

Event Management

Face recognition access control banking


Face recognition access control government


Face Recognition Access Control

FaceFirst is a global patented facial recognition software platform designed to be scalable, fast and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security, privacy and convenience. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the FaceFirst system can be used as a one-to-one access control solution, or can be used to establish a physical perimeter to keep out unwanted or potentially dangerous people. The FaceFirst API allows for easy integration with a variety of access systems. FaceFirst is proudly designed, engineered and supported in the USA.