The Biometric Surveillance Platform that Never Forgets a Face

Identify Anonymous Visitors

Persons of interest may appear on camera long before they’re on your surveillance watchlist. FaceFirst makes it easy to search for facial matches against your historical surveillance footage, effortlessly uncovering dates, times and locations of prior visits.

highly accurate face recognition matching
Instant face detection

Match Faces in a Crowd

Looking to verify multiple identities? FaceFirst enables you to upload group photos and match uploaded faces against those in your surveillance database, speeding investigations and uncovering critical video evidence.

Locate Relevant Video Footage in Seconds, Not Hours

Say goodbye to hours of digging through surveillance footage. Visual and keyword matches quickly uncover transformative video evidence including identity, location, group affiliations and more.

Face recognition video surveillance system

Forensic Video Analysis Software by FaceFirst

The FaceFirst surveillance platform enables you to accelerate forensic video investigations with keyword and visual searches that tell you when, where and how often visitors have been onsite. It’s also hugely scalable, leveraging face detection data from your surveillance across an unlimited number of locations. Creating video analytics and reports from facial recognition matches in the cloud has never been easier.