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Build Customer Confidence with Every Transaction

A Complete Facial Identity Authentication Solution

Secure Transactions

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Secure Workplaces

Product Integration

Secure Transactions

Enable faster and more secure transactions at kiosks, ATMs, in apps or online.


Shorten lines by enabling customers to pay for goods or services using their facial identity.

Age and ID Verification

Say goodbye to making customers show their IDs every time they enter venues or purchase age-restricticted products.

In-Store Pickup

Prevent identify fraud by adding face recognition as a primary or secondary form of authentication.

Secure Services


Use face recognition to instantly validate customer and service provider identities online or offline.

Government ID Verification

Validate the authenticity of government-issued documents such as passports or government ID in person or online.

Password Replacement

Use face recognition as a primary or secondary means of authentication to ensure apps and devices are only accessed by authorized individuals.

Transaction Verification

Instantly validate customer and provider identities for ride service, delivery and other sharing economy applications.

Secure Workplaces

Use face recognition to instantly validate an employee or service provider’s identity when accessing physical locations, software or sensitive data.

Employee Verification

Instantly validate employee identities at entrances and access control points.

Data Access

Deliver true role-based access to sensitive data by requiring face recognition as a form of authentication.

Visitor Management

Expertly manage access to secure areas and data for visitors, contractors and temporary workers.

Face Recognition Product Integration

Add facial recognition identity authentication to any application or system.


Integrate face recognition into your existing solution or use our SDK to build a revolutionary new solution.


Integrate the FaceFirst platform with third-party systems, devices, hardware and software.

Expert Assistance

FaceFirst consults with qualified customers and partners to deliver world-class results.

A Complete Cross-Industry Identity Authentication Solution

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Law Enforcement

Face recognition access control events

Event Management

Face recognition access control banking


Face recognition access control government


Face Recognition Identity Authentication

FaceFirst helps customers create safer communities, great customer experiences and personalized service through face recognition and AI. Using the FaceFirst identity authentication platform, retailers, banks, transportation centers and other great organizations can instantly confirm identity, offer secure transactions and provide seamless experiences. The FaceFirst face recognition API and SDK allows for easy integration with a variety of third-party systems. FaceFirst is proudly designed, engineered and supported in the USA.