Best-in-Class Surveillance Through Face Recognition Technology 

Detect and Deter Threats

FaceFirst is the only facial recognition solution that proactively deters terrorism and crime at scale, matching 20 million faces per second across an unlimited number of locations.

Facial recognition analytics
Instant face detection

Faces in a Crowd

FaceFirst instantly identifies and indexes multiple faces simultaneously within crowded spaces, making it an ideal surveillance platform for airports, railways, retailers, office buildings, stadiums and other areas with high foot traffic.

Security Superpowers

FaceFirst quickly mobilizes your security team with instant alerts about encroaching threats, delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel at the exact moment they need it.

Mobile face recognition
Biometric surveillance system

Accurate Matches

The FaceFirst platform intelligently evaluates hundreds of individual video frames, choosing the most optimal angle, lighting, facial expression and other classifications critical to determining identity.

Private and Secure

FaceFirst architecture is designed to prevent misuse and profiling, with all data encrypted at rest and during transmission into non-convertible biometric templates.

Private and secure face recognition

Visual Performance

$99per year

  • Enterprise ready
  • Massively scalable
  • Discrete placement
  • Group identity detection
  • Watchlist as a Service
  • Database performance
  • Anonymous visitor cataloging
  • Automated visual optimization
  • Accessory detection

$99per year

  • Flexible architecture supports advanced use cases in highly differentiated environments.
  • Maintains high performance matching against vast databases across unlimited locations.
  • Achieves highly accurate matches at long range.
  • Simultaneously catalogs and matches multiple visitors simultaneously in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Create your own watchlist or let FaceFirst start one for you.
  • 1.4M matches per second
  • Automatically indexes and purges non-recognized visitors.
  • Instantly self-selects optimal images.
  • Maintains high accuracy despite hats; hoodies; beards; glasses; scarves; partial face occlusion and more.

$99per year

Mobile Alerting & Configuration

$99per year

  • Mobile threat alerts
  • Configurable security directives
  • Variable match sensitivity
  • Mobile detection

$99per year

  • Instant surveillance match alerts on Android and iOS phones and tablets.
  • Associate specific match data types with automated security directives.
  • Adjust mobile alerts to be responsive to specific match probabilities.
  • Match images taken from your mobile phone against a cloud-based watchlist.

$99per year

Privacy & Security

$99per year

  • Anti-profiling
  • Encryption
  • Approval process
  • Data purging
  • Best practices

$99per year

  • Designed to prevent profiling by race/age/gender or national origin.
  • Image data is encrypted at rest and during transmission. Biometric templates cannot be converted into an image during a data breach.
  • Provisional enrollment functionality ensures appropriate management levels approve watchlist inclusion and creates an audit trail to prevent unauthorized usage.
  • Watchlist images can be purged from the database according to a strict timeframe.
  • Complete training and documentation on operational best practices with each installation.

$99per year

Predictive Reporting, Data & Forensic Analysis

$99per year

  • Match event history
  • Watchlist segmentation
  • Location reporting
  • Keyword and visual search
  • API integration

$99per year

  • Visual dashboards identify weeks or days and hours that garner the most matches.
  • Organize watchlist by group/zone/location or other customizable tagging for granular reporting
  • Search for individual or group matches across multiple zones or physical locations.
  • Search for historic visitor matches by image or keyword to quickly find valuable video evidence.
  • Easily integrates with existing data systems.

$99per year

Enterprise Biometric Surveillance by FaceFirst

The FaceFirst biometric surveillance platform is trusted by law enforcement agencies, transportation centers, Fortune 500 retailers, military and other organizations worldwide to detect and deter threats through face recognition. The company’s patented alerting system transforms security personnel effectiveness by delivering actionable intelligence when it’s needed most, ensuring that the right personnel are directed to the right place at the right time.


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