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Instantly Identify Known
Threats with
Face Recognition

The World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Enterprise Face Recognition Platform

Face recognition retail surveillance Sentinel-IQ

Threat Detection

Face recognition retail surveillance Sentinel-IQ

Real-Time Alerts

Face Recognition surveillance security retail Sentinel-IQ

Cross-location Intelligence

Face recognition access control icon

Identity Authentication

Face recognition surveillance security

API/SDK Integration

Cross-Location Intelligence

A highly scalable, powerful and secure face recognition platform.

Network Effect

Identify individuals, patterns and trends across thousands of geolocations.

Scalable Architecture

Performs flawlessly across thousands of locations, creating a shared threat intelligence network.

Unmatched Efficiency

Cloud and on-premise architecture options require less hardware and network bandwidth usage than ever before.

Enterprise Face Recognition 

Protect crowded spaces, prevent crime and secure sensitive locations.

Real-Time Threat Alerts

Instantly know when criminals, persons of interest and other threats encroach upon public or private spaces.

Secure Sensitive Areas

Geofence sensitive facilities using face recognition as a means of identity authentication.

Automate Image Selection

AI-powered image scoring selects the best facial image enrollments from video surveillance systems based on angle, lighting condition, facial expression and other factors.

Face Recognition Integration

FaceFirst Sentinel-IQ face recognition security surveillance

Power innovation with our flexible face recognition APIs and SDK.

Software Integration

FaceFirst APIs empower you to integrate face recognition into virtually any third-party VMS or other security solution.

Hardware Integration

FaceFirst face recognition can integrate with cameras, kiosks, terminals and other hardware.

Robust SDK

Integrate with surveillance and build a customized security system using the FaceFirst software development kit (SDK).

A Complete Cross-Industry Face Recognition Security Platform

Face recognition access control retail


Face recognition access control law enforcement

Law Enforcement

Face recognition access control transportation


Face recognition retail surveillance security Sentinel-IQ


Face recognition access control government


Face recognition access control events

Event Management

The FaceFirst Difference

FaceFirst’s best-in-class face recognition system vastly exceeds other traditional and biometric security systems.


Enterprise ready

Flexible architecture supports advanced use cases in highly differentiated environments.

Massively scalable

Maintains high performance matching against vast databases across unlimited locations.

Discrete placement

Achieves highly accurate matches at long range.

Group identity detection

Simultaneously catalogs and matches multiple visitors simultaneously in areas with high foot traffic.

Database performance

Real-time matching against face recognition databases of 25 million images.

Anonymous visitor cataloging

Automatically indexes and purges non-recognized visitors.

Automated visual optimization

Instantly self-selects optimal images.

Accessory detection

Maintains high accuracy despite hats; hoodies; beards; glasses; scarves; partial face occlusion and more.

Face recognition authentication

Instantly confirms and authenticates identity.


Mobile threat alerts

Instant surveillance match alerts on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Configurable security directives

Associate specific match data types with automated security directives.

Match threshold sensitivity

Adjust alerting triggers to specific match confidence scores.

Mobile detection

Enroll biometric facial images to a cloud or on-premise watchlist from a mobile device.



Designed to prevent profiling by race/age/gender or national origin.


Image data is encrypted at rest and during transmission. Biometric templates cannot be converted into an image during a data breach.

Approval process

Provisional enrollment functionality ensures appropriate management levels approve watchlist inclusion and creates an audit trail to prevent unauthorized usage.

Data purging

Watchlist images can be purged from the database according to a strict timeframe.

Best practices

Complete training and documentation on operational best practices with each installation.


Match event history

Identify match and event trends for individuals or groups across thousands of locations.

Watchlist segmentation

Organize biometric WatchList by group zone location or other customizable tagging criteria.

Location reporting

Search for individual or group matches across multiple zones or physical locations.

Keyword and visual search

Search for historic visitor matches by image or keyword to quickly find valuable video evidence.

Face Recognition APIs

Easily integrates with 3rd party systems.

Enterprise Face Recognition Security by FaceFirst

FaceFirst is the global market leader in highly effective facial recognition systems for retail, transportation, event security, casinos and other public spaces. The patented platform is designed to be scalable, fast and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy. FaceFirst leverages artificial intelligence to integrate with surveillance systems to prevent theft, fraud and violence. FaceFirst is proudly designed, engineered and supported in the USA.