WatchList as a Service:
Criminal Intelligence on Demand

The Right Data, Right Now

WatchList as a Service is a fully managed and curated criminal intelligence database that works in tandem with the FaceFirst face recognition platform. Subscribe to specific data modules to gain instant access to highly relevant local, regional and national threats, including known shoplifters, violent criminals, suspected terrorists and much more.

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Private By Design

Responsible data handling is built into our curation process. FaceFirst is designed to prevent profiling by race, age, national origin or any other factor. Anonymous data is automatically deleted, protecting law abiding citizens from false matches. Private and secure, data is encrypted both in transmission and at rest.

Find Missing Children & Victims of Human Trafficking

Join FaceFirst in creating a safer planet. Retailers, law enforcement and other organizations can opt in to help identify missing children, adults and victims of human trafficking. Nonprofit organizations solely devoted to finding missing children or the victims of human trafficking may be eligible for a free face recognition software license

Find missing children with face detection

Facial Recognition Database

To help customers secure concert arenas, stadiums, retail stores, casinos, public spaces and elsewhere, FaceFirst offers WatchList as a Service, a managed database of known criminals that pose a safety, terror, theft or violent crime risk. Identify known violent offenders and fugitives wanted by national and international organizations without the headache of managing and updating a secure criminal intelligence database, while maintaining complete control of custom data types within your organization.




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