Watch Now: Face Recognition and Law Enforcement (Webinar)

Tom Melzl, FaceFirst

Lloyd Muenzer, ARJIS

Hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the United States are using face recognition to instantly ID persons of interest, dramatically reduce false arrests and increase officer safety.

Is your department missing out? If so, watch this rare on-demand webinar covering the current state of face recognition in law enforcement.

Our stellar expert panel features Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) analyst Lloyd Muenzer and FaceFirst President Tom Melzl. Lloyd and Tom will discuss the current state of facial recognition in the law enforcement community.

  • How face recognition is really used in law enforcement today
  • Success stories
  • Strategies for maintaining and monitoring quality control
  • Best practices for getting started with face recognition
  • Building a facial recognition database
  • How the public benefits from face recognition
  • Questions from the law enforcement community