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Face Matching for Airports

FaceFirst delivers a patented airport face matching platform proven to safeguard air passengers, crew, and employees around the globe. With FaceFirst, you can proactively deter terrorism, theft, violent crime, and human trafficking, while also offering VIP customer service and secure personal identity authentication. Using artificial intelligence and human oversight, we provide real-time mobile notifications, access control, video forensic capabilities, and more. FaceFirst integrates well with various aviation systems and platforms.


Automate Security With Real-Time Notifications

FaceFirst proactively detects persons of interest, including known threats, as they enter a location, instantly delivering actionable intelligence to security personnel right when they need it.

AI Advantage

Face recognition technology eclipses traditional video monitoring in effectiveness and efficiency.

Proven Effectiveness

Among other successes, FaceFirst’s system led to the capture of an assassination suspect who’d been wanted for 12 years.

Accelerate Customs at Borders

FaceFirst greatly expedites customs clearance by recognizing faces far faster and more accurately than humans.

Instantly Actionable Intelligence

FaceFirst’s airport face recognition system detects persons of interest who may pose a threat, then arms your security team with actionable intelligence, telling them who to look for, where they need to go, and what actions to take based on your policy.

Privacy by Design

Built from the ground up to ensure that personal privacy is a top priority.

A Face in a Crowd

FaceFirst is proven to work in crowds. It can easily identify individual faces within crowded airports..

Accurate Matches

FaceFirst easily sees past eyeglasses, wigs, hats and partial
face coverings.

Face Matching Analytics

Airport monitoring isn’t just about the present. It’s also about preparing for the future. The FaceFirst face matching platform helps you identify threat patterns so your security team is always ready for what comes next.

Verify Identity in Seconds

FaceFirst’s AI gives you actionable intelligence to confirm whether a person of interest is really who they say they are.

Smarter, Effective Searches

Never again spend hours looking through traditional vide footage for a facial match.

Easy Integration

FaceFirst works with most existing security cameras and integrates with many airport systems.

FaceFirst is based in Austin, Texas

We help create safer communities worldwide. 

FaceFirst Face Matching is:


Facefirst is a proud member of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and The National Safe Skies Alliance

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