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Commitment to Privacy

Creating Safer Communities While Maintaining
a Strong Commitment to Personal Privacy

Face Recognition Privacy Certification


FaceFirst has partnered with The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) to add biometric privacy and compliance content to the LPF’s industry-leading LPQualified and LPCertified certification programs for loss prevention leaders. We designed the latest content to help ensure that retailers adhere to best practices for responsible biometric data handling and purging; human verification; encryption; face redaction; and other key privacy concepts.


Private By Design

FaceFirst’s services are designed with privacy and security in mind. FaceFirst generates a proprietary and anonymous biometric template that is not correlated to personally identifiable information. All information stored in the FaceFirst system is protected, secured, and isolated in multiple ways. We fully support and abide by the data privacy principles established by applicable local privacy laws and regulations. As part of our commitment to data protection, we conduct external security audits and independent security testing on a regular basis.

Additional Steps We Take to Ensure Privacy


The FaceFirst system is designed to prevent misuse for any type of profiling by race, age, sex, or national origin.


Image data is encrypted both at rest and during transmission.

Data Breach Precautions

Biometric templates stored within the FaceFirst system cannot be converted back into a face image in the event of a data breach.

Data Purging

Collected data can be automatically purged at regular intervals to help protect privacy.

Checks and Balances

Role hierarchies ensure that only authorized individuals can approve and view enrollment images in the FaceFirst system.


Although generally not required by law, we encourage our clients to post signs alerting their patrons when biometric technology is being used for public safety purposes.

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