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Deliver Better VIP Experiences,
Smarter Event Security with Face Matching

FaceFirst offers a powerful sports and concert face matching platform that's designed for arenas and stadiums. Our patented facial recognition platform helps you create safer and more personalized events. FaceFirst helps you deliver great service to VIPs and other guests while proactively detecting banned fans, stalkers, even potential terrorists. We provide your venue personnel with real-time, actionable intelligence right they need it.


Enhance Security With Real-Time Notifications

FaceFirst proactively detects threats as they enter a venue, giving your security personnel enhanced situational awareness and real-time opportunities to deter violence and disruption.

Prevent Terror Attacks

Major sporting events and concerts are high-value targets for terror. Make them safer with FaceFirst.

Keep Out Banned Fans

It’s one thing to eject or ban disruptive fans. With FaceFirst, you can make sure they won’t return.

Privacy by Design

We built our platform from the ground up with your fans’ privacy as a top priority.

Deliver The Ultimate VIP Fan Experience

Event management isn’t just about keeping out the wrong fans. It’s also about taking care of your VIPs. With FaceFirst, you can identify premium season ticket holders as they enter and boost retention by offering a range of convenient VIP services.

Expedite Entry

Offer expedited entry to premium season ticket holders.

Boost Annual Revenue

Boost season ticket holder retention by offering VIP services.

Build Fan Loyalty

Track how your loyalty program affects fan attendance over time.


Mobile Security Superpowers

With FaceFirst, your event security team has the same powerful mobile platform used by dozens of law enforcement agencies around the world. App available for iOS and Android.

Instant Alerts

Provide your security team and law enforcement partners with instantly actionable intelligence, keeping everyone on the same page.

Mobile Face Recognition

FaceFirst mobile apps give your security team the power to check ID from any corner of the stadium or arena.

Mobile Data Enrollment

Unwanted guests can be instantly enrolled in your custom database from any smartphone.

FaceFirst is based in Austin, Texas

We help create safer communities worldwide. 

FaceFirst Face Matching is:

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