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How a Grocery Retailer 
Stopped a Gift Card 
Fraud Ring

It started by using FaceFirst to identify 

a single individual committing gift card fraud in one our of stores. The following investigation lead to a surprising discovery...


Face Recognition Privacy Certification


FaceFirst has partnered with The Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) to add biometric privacy and compliance content to the LPF’s industry-leading LPQualified and LPCertified certification programs for loss prevention leaders. The new content is designed to ensure that retailers are adhering to best practices around responsible biometric data handling and purging, human verification, encryption, face redaction and other key privacy concepts.

Private By Design


FaceFirst products are designed with privacy and security in mind, ensuring that personally identifiable information (PII) and biometric information is collected and stored, securely and with encryption. All the personal information stored in the FaceFirst system is protected, secured and isolated in multiple ways.

We fully support and abide by the data privacy principles established by applicable local privacy laws and regulations. As part of our commitment to data protection, we conduct external security audits and independent security testing on a regular basis.

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