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Real-Time Face Recognition
Powered by NVIDIA

FaceFirst face recognition solutions use Nvidia GPUS to quickly and accurately match images against massive databases. Nvidia’s processing power makes real-time face recognition a reality.


For FaceFirst customers, speed of information is just as important as accuracy. Nvidia GPUs empower FaceFirst systems to leverage a robust neural network to provide real time matching against large databases.

Scalable Enterprise Solutions

Nvidia GPUs ensure that servers at the edge or in the cloud can effectively leverage Linux or Windows OS to ensure that network traffic and infrastructure remains minimal and optimized for performance.

Cross-Location Intelligence

By empowering top speeds and processing, our Nvidia-powered systems make it easier than ever for organizations to create a shared data network that can orchestrate fast and accurate face recognition across thousands of locations worldwide.

Lightning-fast Performance

FaceFirst’s Sentinel-IQ surveillance and Field-IQ mobile face recognition platforms use Nvidia GPUs to process visual data and generate biometric templates at record speeds. Our Nvidia-powered systems help provide the right person with the right intelligence in real-time. Nvdia GPUs provide massive efficiency gains over CPUs, including allowing CPUs to focus on other aspects of our application.