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Stop in-store violence and theft with FaceFirst facial matching software.

FaceFirst's platform leverages artificial intelligence and human oversight to help retailers prevent violence, theft, and fraud in their stores.


Why FaceFirst?

FaceFirst solves operational challenges unique to retailers, airports, event venues, and casinos, among others.

Successes for Retail and Specialty
Use Cases

Highly accurate results even with challenging camera angles and lighting conditions.

Excellent Performance in Real-World  Environments

Proprietary algorithms developed in-house with neural networks and deep machine learning.

AI Enabled With All Algorithms Developed

FaceFirst sends match notifications with recommended response based on your approved policy.


and Actionable Intelligence

Plug-and-play deployment with existing cameras and easy-to-use design for fast success
and ROI.

Low Implementation Costs, Fast Deployment and ROI

FaceFirst: Your Fast, Accurate, Ethical Face Matching Platform

FaceFirst is a global leader in highly effective face matching systems for retailers, hospitals, casinos, airports, stadiums, and arenas. FaceFirst’s software leverages artificial intelligence and human oversight to prevent violence, theft, and fraud. With FaceFirst, you can provide safer environments for your valued customers, patients, guests, employees, and associates. We design our patented video analytics platform to be scalable, fast, accurate, and ethical while maintaining high levels of security, privacy, and accountability. FaceFirst is based in Austin, Texas.

Stop Grocery Store Violence and Theft with FaceFirst Face Matching Software.

Learn how FaceFirst helps grocers stop violence, prevent theft, and create safer stores. Request our executive briefing now for use cases, benefits, and ROI details.

Computer Vision and Face Matching Transformed


It’s tedious to search video footage manually to identify persons of interest, but not with FaceFirst’s visitor search capabilities. Our powerful search tools can reduce your investigation time from weeks to minutes.

After you enroll a known offender in your custom database, the FaceFirst algorithm can find every recent instance of that person entering all your locations. The result? A human investigation with advanced AI confirmation that calculates past losses, plus date/time stamped evidence packaged for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.

75% Reduced Theft.png
200+ Hours Saved-1.png

A retailer that uses the FaceFirst search feature after each enrollment uncovered an average of from five to 22 other thefts or incidents with the same offender before the enrollment.

Let us show you how to identify multiple prior visits, assess prior losses, and build prosecutable cases against habitual offenders with just one click.

Technology Partners

We’re proud of our 90+ Net Promoter Score from loyal clients.

We’re a global leader
in face matching solutions for retailers.

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