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The Difference

Computer Vision/Face Recognition Transformed

Integration Platform

Easily add face recognition into your existing application, with robust API/SDKs.

Real-Time Alerting

Configurable and actionable match alerts using mobile push notifications, SMS and email.


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Privacy Leadership

The industry leader in Privacy by Design methodology, best practices and thought leadership.

Plug & Play

Two-Minute Deployment includes automated camera discovery, server assignments and health monitoring.


User-centric design empowers customers for instant success.

Deep Industry Experience

FaceFirst understands and solves the operational challenges unique to retail and public safety deployments.

Performance Speed

Query vast databases at a rate of 350 million images in just one second.


Proprietary algorithm built with neural networks and deep machine learning.

Cloud & On-Premises

User-centric design empowers customers for instant success.

Enterprise Platform

Highly configurable and flexible platform, including both centralized and distributed deployment.

Technology Partners

Partner with FaceFirst

Power innovation with our flexible face recognition APIs and SDK using hassle-free integration, enterprise scalability, seamless upgrades.

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A Complete Facial
Recognition Platform

FaceFirst creates safer communities, more secure transactions and great customer experiences. Powered by the FaceFirst computer vision platform, the company uses face recognition and automated video analytics to help retailers, event venues, transportation centers and other organizations prevent crime and improve customer engagement while growing revenue. FaceFirst is highly accurate, fast, scalable, secure and private. FaceFirst offers plug-and-play solutions for physical security, identity authentication, access control and visitor analytics, and robust SDK/APIs for easy integration into any system or platform.