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FaceFirst welcomes former NYPD Real Time Crime Center leader Edwin Coello

For immediate release


July 6, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas – As commanding officer of the NYPD Facial Recognition Unit,

Sgt. Edwin Coello developed, trained, and led one of the first law enforcement units dedicated to identifying unknown individuals using facial recognition technology. Coello joins FaceFirst as a facial recognition expert, and he leads FaceFirst’s public safety and data governance operations.

Coello, a 21-year NYPD veteran, supervised the NYPD Real Time Crime Center from 2010 until his June 30, 2022, retirement. He led the development and implementation of the NYPD’s facial recognition program, including system design, policy, and procedures for investigative deployment. Coello and his team positively identified thousands of unknown individuals during criminal investigations.

“I joined FaceFirst because I believe they are best in class and focused on appropriate use of face matching technology,” Coello said. Coello helps FaceFirst’s clients with policy and best practices support. “I look forward to guiding our clients and helping the public understand how this very effective technology works,” he said. “Everyone benefits from face matching because it helps create safer spaces.”

“Our dedication to ethical and legally compliant use of emerging technologies requires a broad range of expertise and experience,” said FaceFirst Chairman and CEO Dan Merkle. “Eddie brings a strong understanding of the accountability these tools require while making a positive impact on today’s escalating risks. We are happy to welcome him to our team.”

About FaceFirst

FaceFirst is a global leader in highly effective face matching systems for retail clients. FaceFirst’s software leverages artificial intelligence and human oversight to help retailers prevent violence, theft, and fraud in their stores. Our patented video analytics platform is scalable, fast, accurate, and ethical, while maintaining the highest levels of security, privacy, and accountability. FaceFirst is proudly designed, engineered, and supported in the USA.


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