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Face Recognition and the Fan Experience

CNN has called face recognition a “silver bullet” solution for event security, offering stadiums the ability to keep out banned fans and recognize potential threats in real time. But face recognition doesn’t just make events more secure. It also offers the ability to provide an unparalleled fan experience. By using face recognition, sports teams can ensure that season ticketholders and VIPs have a winning experience, whether their favorite team wins or not.

Here are some key ways to offer fans a superior experience using facial recognition.

Let VIPs Skip the Line

Let’s be honest. Premium tickets to high-profile sporting events are not cheap. The last thing VIPs want to do is stand around waiting in a queue to get into the stadium. Using face recognition for access control allows season ticket holders to register their facial image in advance in order to skip queues.

Provide a Personalized Experience

Nonrenewal (or churn) rates among season ticket holders often exceed 20%. This is often due to low member satisfaction. Face recognition can instantly recognize VIPs and alert guest services when they arrive. High-priority guests can always be greeted by name and provided with merchandise, concessions and other perks. The result is that VIPs will always feel taken care of. After all, when fans are deciding whether to renew their season tickets, they’ll be sure to remember those times when they were treated like royalty.

Control Access to Exclusive Events

Face recognition can be used to control access to events within events, whether it’s a cocktail mixer in the owner’s box, a meet and greet in the locker room or a backstage party after a concert.

Offer Secure Payments

The Federal Trade Commission reported that in 2016 there were 3 million reported cases of credit card fraud and identity theft. And mobile payments have largely been a failure, especially for older generations. In the future, face recognition can be used to ensure that payments at events are more secure. This can provide fans with an added layer of security when they want to purchase concessions or merchandise.

Identify Potential Season Ticket Holders

Face recognition can be used to log how often certain individuals attend games. Those metrics can be used to identify people who are purchasing mid-level or premium seats multiple times a season. Teams can then initiate targeted marketing campaigns to convert these loyal fans into season ticket holders. After all, secondary market ticket prices can often exceed 200%, so buying season tickets can provide tremendous value to a true fan.

These are just some of the ways that face recognition can help you provide fans with unparalleled experiences. Contact FaceFirst today to learn more about how face recognition can help improve your fans’ experience.


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