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FaceFirst Announces Two-Minute Face Recognition Deployment

Leading U.S. face recognition company FaceFirst will showcase its new rapid deployment at ISC West, enabling customers and partners to deploy an enterprise platform in the same time it takes to brush your teeth.

FaceFirst developed Two-Minute Deployment in response to increasing demand for its products from a growing ecosystem of partners and customers. Face recognition requests have become mainstream for system integration companies and service consultants, and frequently top the list of technologies explored by retailers.

“Two-Minute Deployment is an amazing breakthrough for the industry,” said FaceFirst CEO Peter Trepp. “We live in a world surrounded by cameras that can help us prevent crime, create great customer experiences and frictionless commerce, but harnessing the power of those cameras has been time-intensive until now. FaceFirst makes doing so ridiculously easy.”

The new capability also comes with automated system health monitoring, offering visibility into server performance, memory, camera stream integrity and more. Because face recognition has become a business-critical application, health monitoring is increasingly essential, especially for large deployments such as airports, stadiums and retail chains.

“Two-Minute Deployment will help us keep up with the demand for this transformative technology,” said Trepp, whose company works across industries, including Fortune 500 retailers, airports and sports teams. “This goes beyond just installation. Camera tuning and other variables are pre-configured, saving service teams hours of setup work.”

The company will showcase Two-Minute Deployment at ISC West in Las Vegas. Two-Minute Deployment is currently available to select customers in private beta, and will be rolled out to partners throughout Q2. Existing customers wishing to upgrade may contact their account rep.

About FaceFirst

FaceFirst helps customers create safer communities, great customer experiences and personalized service through face recognition and AI. Using the FaceFirst platform, retailers, transportation centers, law enforcement agencies and other great organizations can prevent crime and improve customer engagement while growing revenue. FaceFirst is highly accurate, scalable, secure and private. The platform enables a full range of surveillance, customer engagement, mobile, access control and desktop forensic face recognition capabilities. FaceFirst offers a robust API and SDK for integration into a variety of systems and platforms. FaceFirst is designed, developed and supported in the United States.


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