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Is Biometric Surveillance Set to Replace Traditional Surveillance in Casinos?

All casinos want to create safe and secure gaming environments for their guests. At the same time, they want to maximize profits by keeping out known card counters and cheaters. In order to keep out unwanted guests, casinos typically employ surveillance equipment. The trouble is, most casinos’ surveillance systems have hardly evolved since the 1970s. But all of that may soon change. Biometric surveillance systems are set to revolutionize casino security. And soon, casinos will be able to use facial recognition to know the moment that an unwanted guest walks through the door.

Where Traditional Surveillance Can Fall Short

It’s easy to understand why casinos would want to keep out cheaters, advantage players and individuals that pose a threat to guests’ safety. But how do they do it? It’s typically a lot easier said than done. The majority of casinos use CCTV surveillance cameras to monitor the gambling floor. Security professionals then have to manually recognize guests who have caused problems in the past. A small percentage of the time, security will positively identify someone who shouldn’t be there. But the majority of the time, security professionals have to be reactive. This means that security professionals have to react to new incidents as they are happening or after the fact, but lack the ability to prevent incidents from occurring. But biometric surveillance technology finally offers security the opportunity to proactively prevent unwanted guests from ever entering casinos.

How Biometric Surveillance is Transforming Casino Security

In the 1970s, CCTV surveillance cameras became commercially available. At the time, this was a huge breakthrough. Finally, casino security professionals could monitor guests without being forced to walk the floor. Since then, some casinos switched to using IP video. Besides perhaps improving video quality, it did little to elevate the technology. Traditional surveillance systems are still useful in certain applications (such as giving overhead views of gaming tables), but in situations where cameras can capture individuals’ faces, face recognition can be a huge game-changer.

Face recognition has already replaced traditional surveillance across a variety of industries including retail, law enforcement, transportation and banking. And now, casinos are beginning to use face recognition to transform their security efforts. Face recognition is a type of biometric surveillance, which uses biological measurements to help establish identity. In the case of face recognition, casinos can match individuals faces to a database of known unwanted guests. As a result, casinos will be able to instantly know the moment that advantage players, cheaters or violent individuals enter. As a result, this is making casinos far safer and profitable.

Face recognition technology is extraordinarily valuable to casinos because humans can only remember so many faces. But a face detection system can instantly recognize someone’s face. And best of all, new

haircuts, changes to facial hair, wigs or other disguises that can fool human eyes can’t fool a facial recognition that establishes identity based on thousands of location points on an individual’s face.

The Future of Casino Security

It’s only a matter of time before biometric surveillance becomes an omnipresent surveillance technology at casinos. And imagine how much safer and secure casinos will be when individuals known to pose a threat can be instantly identified the moment they enter. Finally, casino security will have the power to proactively prevent crime, cheating, advantage gambling and violence.

Face recognition for casinos is finally available! Get in touch today to set up your free demo.


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