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See the FaceFirst face recognition integration with Genetec Security Center

At ISC West 2019, FaceFirst will be demonstrating our powerful integration with Genetec Security Center. The FaceFirst integration with the Security Center face recognition framework offers a single unified platform where Genetec customers can leverage face recognition and other tools to prevent crime. With this platform, Genetec customers will gain additional situational awareness, expedited investigations and actionable analytics.

Here’s an overview of the integration, including some of the most powerful integration features.


When cameras are connected to Security Center, FaceFirst can can instantly compare an image of an individual against a database of 75 million people in one tenth of a second. The result is that Genetec customers can see match alarms in real time, directly within Security Center. When alarms are triggered, they include contextually relevant details like location and time data.


FaceFirst expertly syncs with the hit list in Security Center, ensuring that positive match alarms are generated from the latest enrollment intelligence. As an example, let’s say an individual is enrolled from video after they get away with shoplifting from a retail store. If they return to nearby location of the same chain an hour later, their prior enrollment details would be instantly available in a Security Center. This makes it easy to prevent crime and cut down on recidivism.


FaceFirst sends all face detection and recognition events into the robust Genetec reporting framework to provide detailed analytics, enabling Genetec customers to identify suspects and locations that pose the biggest threats. This helps ensure that locations are properly staffed with security personnel to maximize crime prevention.


The Genetec Face Recognition Framework also makes it easy to search for prior identification events directly in Security Center, as every face seen and positive identification are directly stored, reportable and searchable. This dramatically speeds up investigations, allowing Genetec customers to solve crimes quicker.

If you’re headed to ISC West, be sure to stop by the Genetec booth at 1:00 pm on April 10 for an in-person demonstration of our integration with the Genetec Security Center face recognition framework.


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