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New Episodes of True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime

Each day, FaceFirst technology helps retailers catch shoplifters and organized retail criminals. We decided to create a new video series called True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime that tells the stories of some of the most devious criminals we’ve helped our customers catch. Each episode is only 2-3 minutes, so go ahead and binge them all. 

retail crime face recognition

Watch the incredible true story of a beer delivery man who stole cases of beer instead of delivering them. See how FaceFirst saved the beer and the day by instantly alerting our customer the moment that the thief returned to steal more beer.

See how FaceFirst caught a femme fatale with a penchant for stealing Dyson vacuum cleaners using the self-checkout machine. This devious thief would routinely take tags from inexpensive items and put them on expensive items. But thanks to face recognition, loss prevention leaders instantly identified this thief and brought her to justice. 

A notorious organized retail criminal, who loves the Philadelphia Phillies almost as much as he loves stealing, is brought to justice in this episode of True Stories! See how face recognition helped our customer identify this organized retail gang leader, reveal his rampant recidivism and eventually put him behind bars.

Check out True Stories of Face Recognition and Retail Crime to see how some of the world’s most prominent retailers are face recognition to radically reduce shrink and prevent in-store violence. 


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