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The Four Types of Guests No Casinos Want, and How To Keep Them From Entering

Casinos have a well-deserved reputation as some of the most exciting places on earth. In addition to offering a variety of slot, card and table games to occupy patrons, they typically host exciting shows that feature world-class talent and some of the world’s best restaurants.

While casinos are typically welcoming establishments, there are certain types of guests that most casinos don’t want walking through their doors. These guests may pose a threat to safety or revenue. And now, thanks to face recognition for casinos, unwanted guests can easily deterred.

FaceFirst’s biometric surveillance system alerts casino security the moment someone on the casino watchlist enters the establishment. So who are these unwanted casino patrons?

Here are four types of guests that no casinos want.

The 4 Types of Unwanted Casino Guests

Advantage Players

One of the most common types of guests that casinos try to keep out are known as advantage players. Advantage players are individuals who use legal methods to stack the deck in their favor. And while card counting might not be technically illegal, it’s not prudent for casinos to allow advantage players to keep raking in winnings. After identifying advantage players, facial recognition systems can help casinos keep them out (or closely monitor their activity).


In contrast to advantage players, cheaters use illegal methods to try to win at casinos. Some examples include using a light wand to cheat at slot machines or using a magnet to influence the way a roulette wheel spins. Once an individual is identified as a cheater, casinos seek to do everything in their power to prevent that individual from ever returning. By adding cheaters to a watchlist, casinos can use face recognition to know the moment they ever come back to try their “luck” again.

Dangerous Individuals

Let’s face it – casinos can sometimes be volatile environments. And it’s not uncommon for fights to break out, individuals to drink too much or get angry with staff members after losing money. In order for casinos to run smoothly, it pays to identify any individuals who pose a threat and keep them from returning.

Voluntary Exclusion Lists

In moderation, gambling can be one of the most exhilarating activities on the planet. But individuals who have a gambling addiction sometimes choose to add themselves to voluntary exclusion lists. Once on a list, casinos can deny them entry (even when, in the heat of the moment, they think they want to be there).

Facial recognition is already transforming casino security. Want to see a free demo of our face recognition system for casinos? Schedule your demo today!


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